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+ Beneficial Owner  Verification 

Identify ultimate beneficial owners accurately and discreetly with our UBO screening service.

Due Diligence from Rule’s trusted Corporate Screenings Report. Comprehensive EDD services for thorough compliance. Rule will discretely screen any third party you may do business with to produce a thorough corporate investigation report in 5 working days.

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UBO Screening that’s Precise and Actionable

Get detailed corporate due diligence reports to mitigate risks. Expert services. Screen your third parties for typical high-risk factors that could increase your risk exposure.


We keep our reports, including their requestors and targets, confidential.


Most reports delivered under 5 working days

Comprehensive insights

Screening results from hundreds of databases

Global Coverage

Make well-informed decisions — no matter the jurisdiction.

Flexible Screening and Due Diligence Service

Find out from our Corporate Intelligence Experts, which due diligence product best fits your needs.

  • Corporate Domicile

    Obtain detailed information about the corporate registration of your third parties.

  • Corporate Provenance

    Explore the origins and history of the corporate entity.

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.

  • Sanctions/Watchlists

    Identify and understand relationships with related parties.

  • Politically Exposed Persons

    Evaluate the reputation of your third parties through a comprehensive analysis.

  • Unethical Business Practices

    Access information on any significant litigation involving your third parties.

  • Significant Litigation

    Identify potential conflicts of interest that may impact your business relationships.

  • High-Risk Affiliation

    Evaluate high-risk affiliations with an enhanced focus on potential risks.

  • Adverse Media

    Assess the environmental, social, and governance practices of your third parties.

  • Environmental Regulatory Issues

    Uncover associations with relatives or close associates that may impact business dynamics.

  • Social Ethical Issues

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.