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Smart risk mitigation with Rule’s Corporate Screenings Report, when you need. No need to invest in expensive tech or maintain a large internal team.  Rule will discretely screen any third party you may do business with to produce a comprehensive report in 5 working days.

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Build trust with precise actionable reports

Screen your third parties for typical high-risk factors that could increase your risk exposure.


We keep our reports, including their requestors and targets, confidential.


Most reports delivered under 5 working days

Comprehensive insights

Screening results from hundreds of databases

Global Coverage

Make well-informed decisions — no matter the jurisdiction.

What’s Included in a Screening Report?

Our Corporate Screenings Report is a powerful tool designed to provide you with in-depth insights into the backgrounds of your third parties.

  • Corporate Domicile

    Obtain detailed information about the corporate registration of your third parties.

  • Corporate Provenance

    Explore the origins and history of the corporate entity.

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.

  • Sanctions/Watchlists

    Identify and understand relationships with related parties.

  • Politically Exposed Persons

    Evaluate the reputation of your third parties through a comprehensive analysis.

  • Unethical Business Practices

    Access information on any significant litigation involving your third parties.

  • Significant Litigation

    Identify potential conflicts of interest that may impact your business relationships.

  • High-Risk Affiliation

    Evaluate high-risk affiliations with an enhanced focus on potential risks.

  • Adverse Media

    Assess the environmental, social, and governance practices of your third parties.

  • Environmental Regulatory Issues

    Uncover associations with relatives or close associates that may impact business dynamics.

  • Social Ethical Issues

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.