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Rule’s Corporate Screenings Report goes beyond standard ABAC and AML checks. Our powerful search engine and seasoned experts ensure every report is free from noise and false positives, delivering exactly what you need in under 5 working days.

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Request a Sample Screening Report

Provide your info, and we’ll direct you to a sample report page.

Actionable Reports Within 5 Working Days

Our process is tailored to the client’s needs, and they will receive targeted insights empowering them to make informed decisions and mitigate their particular set of risks.

Audit Trail

Our due diligence reports draw on publicly available information – all data has a full audit trail.

Fast & Discreet Delivery

Depending on the risk level and number of requests, reports can be delivered quickly and quietly.

Comprehensive Analysis

Reports include a comprehensive analysis of regulatory records, professional histories, and public records.

Multinational Coverage

We ensure global consistency, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions — no matter their jurisdiction.

What’s Included in a Screening Report?

Our Screening Report is a powerful tool designed to provide you with in-depth insights into the backgrounds of your third parties.

  • Corporate Domecile

    Obtain detailed information about the corporate registration of your third parties.

  • Corporate Provenance

    Explore the origins and history of the corporate entity.

  • Political Exposure

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.

  • Related Parties

    Identify and understand relationships with related parties.

  • UReputation Analysis

    Evaluate the reputation of your third parties through a comprehensive analysis.

  • Significant Litigation

    Access information on any significant litigation involving your third parties.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Identify potential conflicts of interest that may impact your business relationships.

  • High-Risk Affiliation

    Evaluate high-risk affiliations with an enhanced focus on potential risks.

  • ESG Factors

    Assess the environmental, social, and governance practices of your third parties.

  • Relatives or Close Associates

    Uncover associations with relatives or close associates that may impact business dynamics.

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners

    Uncover the ultimate beneficiaries behind the corporate structure.

  • Cyber Breach

    Stay informed about any cyber breaches that could impact your business relationship.


Rule provides best-in-class third party due diligence support and is today already supporting global clients.

Woman-owned Business

Rule is a woman-led company and a proud WEConnect International certified woman-owned business. Our Founder/CEO is Judy Lee, who has many years of experience working with General Counsels, Chief Compliance Officers and their teams to provide legal and compliance outsourced services. Judy is a lawyer and qualified to practice in Singapore, the UK and Belgium.

Service With Integrity & Diversity

Living by the adage “begin as you mean to go on”, Judy started Rule with the clear objective to provide our clients peace of mind through service with integrity and a team that is diverse in as many senses of the word as possible. We work hard to focus on diversity in race, culture, gender and social mobility, in the first instance.